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Max, The Energetic Sheep Dog

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Have you ever seen someone walking along the side of the road or in the park with a dozen leashes with a dozen different dogs? It’s very comical seeing one individual holding on to a bunch of different dogs of various shapes and sizes. Walk a Great Dane with a Chihuahua? Sure! In fact, I bet they are best friends by the end of the walk. Maybe they can bond about their hatred for that perfect-looking golden retriever on the other end of the leashes.

The people walking these dogs do much more than simply walk the dogs, as this article by Walk! ATX Pet Care explains. They can watch dogs while their owners are away, or they can provide useful training and other services for dogs.

My aunt recently purchased a sheepdog puppy named Max. Max was a great, but very energetic. In fact, my aunt worked all day at a bank and would come home to a wild puppy. Unfortunately, she would be too exhausted from her long day at work to deal with Max and his energy. Of course, she had neighbors coming to care for Max throughout the day. But this was not enough to calm the beast named Max.

My aunt decided to put Max under the care of a dog walker when she was at work. Through these services, Max would go on frequent walks with other dogs, and he would be given proper attention throughout the day. Not only did he get the necessary care, but he was able to spend his days with other dogs. While he seemed a little nervous about going to the dog walker at first, it eventually became something that he looked forward to doing every morning. In fact, he would be waiting in the car in the morning to be taken to see his other puppy friends!

Not only did Max like the experience, but it made dealing with Max after long days at work much easier for my aunt. Also, he was more responsive to commands, and he would be so worn out from the walks and other activities throughout the day that he would not wake up my aunt in the middle of the night. She got a full night’s sleep for the first time in her life since she got Max!

Each dog is different, and therefore, every dog has unique needs. Despite these needs, I believe that all dogs should be given the proper amount of attention so they can lead happy lives. It is nice to see that there are services that will walk, watch, and train your dog when you are unable to. My aunt loved Max, and she continues to love Max more and more every day. However, despite this love, she cannot constantly watch him every day. It’s good to see that Max is now getting the care and attention he deserves.

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