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Trapped construction worker rescued from Queens site by FDNY

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A worker was trapped and critically wounded on a construction site in Queens on Friday afternoon when a piece of machinery fell on him and he was trapped underneath. This occurred one day after two other workers were killed in falls from buildings on Manhattan construction sites, raising questions by many about the safety of workers who are on the job within the city.

Authorities say that the worker was hurt when a Bobcat machine fell on top of him at the site on 46th street and Northern Boulevard at around 1:45 p.m. He was injured immediately when the machine fell on him and he was pinned underneath it for about a half-hour while firefighters worked to free him. According to the news report, FDNY firefighters performed a “high-angle rescue” to free the construction workers and immediately took him to Elmhurst hospital once he was freed from the machine.

We do not yet know how the accident occurred, but investigations have been promised. This is the fourth construction worker to have been hurt or killed on the job in New York City in the past two days, so people are clearly starting to wonder what went wrong on these job sites. Construction crews understand how dangerous their jobs are, and supervisors need to make sure that safety rules and regulations are followed at all times.

The construction companies may be cited for safety violations, and stop-work orders have been issued for the sites in question while investigations are underway. Since 2015, nearly 40 construction workers have died in Manhattan on construction sites, and clearly something needs to be done to make the sites around the city more secure.

According to this website of a well-known New York city construction accident law firm, Hach & Rose, LLP, there were 209,000 cases of non-work related injuries and illnesses in 2016 alone. These shocking numbers (in addition to the news of the two worker’s deaths the previous day) make it clear that New York City needs to take a closer look at the construction companies operating within the city and the surrounding boroughs.

For this critically injured worker, the first step is hopefully recovery. We all wish him the best and are keeping him in our thoughts. If recovery is possible, will he be able to work again? Will he face disabilities and a loss of the ability to perform the job he once was able to do? These are all questions that only time will answer. the family may choose to take legal action against the construction companies, however, if it is revealed that the accident was caused by negligence, recklessness, or a general lack of safety in the workplace.

Read more on this developing story at NBC News New York, and check back here for regular updates on this developing story. If you would like to learn more about construction injuries or statistics in the city, we recommend you check out that attorney’s website linked above.


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